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Business-Event 'Underground Green Farming'
Business-Event 'Underground Green Farming'
19.09.2019 | 16:35

How does the food production of the future look like? What role can be played by the underground space? Together with our partner Swiss Food Research and SVIAL we have discussed these questions and the potential of underground food production with 50 participants at our business-event 'Underground Farming' at Hagerbach Test Gallery.

The program included a versatile mix of interesting presentations and exciting discussions and a guided tour of the SCAUT prototype installation at Hagerbach. At the concluding apero, the newly gained impressions were discussed in a relaxed atmosphere and new contacts were made.

With Underground Green Farming, SCAUT together with industry partners offers a solution that provides an alternative for the lack of arable land through degradation of soil and contributes to providing food security; i.e. a stable 'local' provision of food independent of time and location; in specific addressing the world protein shortage. The systems are based sustainable closed re-circulated technologies with the lowest CO2 footprint and non-recyclable waste.

Online-News of BauernZeitung (available only in German): https://www.bauernzeitung.ch/artikel/bauern-im-bunker-taucht-die-landwirtschaft-in-den-untergrund-ab

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