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The development of innovative concepts and solutions takes place in the course of SCAUT projects. A basic distinction is made between two types of projects: In the context of concept studies, novel approaches are pursued and their feasibility is examined in detail. In addition to technical aspects, the economic viability is also analyzed and potential business models are developed. In contrast, technology projects draw on existing technology approaches, for example from other industries, and develop them further according to the set requirements until they are ready for the market.

All projects have in common that the results should satisfy a need in the market and can be marketed and distributed as a product or service. Project ideas are developed by SCAUT as well as by individual industry partners. When forming the project teams (consortia), partners from the SCAUT network are used. An active participation in a project therefore requires a membership in the SCAUT association.

In the projects SCAUT takes over the project management & coordination on behalf of the industry partners and supports as a neutral platform in the area of promotion & marketing if required. The partners involved contribute their know-how and performance to the project and jointly develop the innovative solution. All intellectual property rights (IPR) to the developed solutions and technologies remain fully with the industry partners and are not transferred to SCAUT.

On the following pages you will find detailed information on current SCAUT projects as well as new project ideas.

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