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Agenda 2019
Agenda 2019
SCAUT Project 'Construction Site 4.0 - Tracking'
(SCAUT Project Partner)

 February 6  

SCAUT Project 'Underground Green Farming'
Go Live Prototype & Start Promotion
(SCAUT Project Partner)

SCAUT Project 'Underground Data Center'
Concept and Design UDC Prototype
Concept Study and Promotion
(SCAUT Project Partner)

SCAUT Project 'Digitalisation Center'
Implementation Demo-Center @ VSH
(SCAUT Project Partner)

Road Show WTC 2019, Naples, Italy
Promotion/Marketing 'UG Green Farming'

 May 20  

General Assembly SCAUT Association
Spaeter AG, 5643 Sins
(SCAUT members only)

Road Show STC 2019, Lucerne, Switzerland

SCAUT Project 'Construction Site 4.0 - Rebar modelling'
(SCAUT Project Partner)

Business-Event Swiss Food Research, VSH
'Underground Green Farming'

SCAUT Project '3D Printing'

SCAUT Business Event
'Digitalisation Center @ VSH'


SCAUT Project 'Crosscut of the future'

Brokerage Event
e.g. 3D Printing, Monitoring of concrete hardening