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WTC 2019 in Naples from 3-9 May, 2019
WTC 2019 in Naples from 3-9 May, 2019
16.05.2019 | 14:11
SCAUT's Managing Director Klaus Wachter was on stage for a live overview during WTC2019 in the #TACUS special report session on May 8 2019 in Naples. Han Admiraal, co-chair ITA Committee on Underground Space explained the ITACUS next level program and the purpose of its industry partners. SCAUT will have a central role in demonstrating the use of underground space for innovative applications such as underground green farming and will apply the new ITACUS concept of "grow-lab-learn". The current prototyping takes place Hagerbach Test Gallery in an underground cavern and is based on aquaponics, producing vegetables and fish in sustainable and closed circular system.
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