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08.10.2020 | 14:09
SCAUT joined forces with several industry partners to develop an underground green farming project developed in a Swiss mountain. The pilot is currently being tested in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. #ITACUS proudly partners with SCAUT on the application of innovative underground uses.
Jointly a film to illustrate the concept was developed which was selected by the UN HABITAT BETTER CITIES FILM FESTIVAL 2020.
Please find here the link to the Better Cities Film Festival: https://bcff2020.eventive.org/welcome
We are proud our film is part of an impressive line up of stories from all over the world about people making their city a better place.
You can watch the film directly from this link as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmFYHxqAi20&feature=youtu.be 
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