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SCAUT selected as a finalist for ITA Awards 2019
SCAUT selected as a finalist for ITA Awards 2019
08.10.2019 | 07:57

We are proud to announce that SCAUT's entry 'Underground Green Farming' has been selected as a finalist for the ITA Awards 2019 in the category 'Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year'.

All finalist projects will be presented during a one-day conference on 18
th of November 2019 in Miami, USA. The winner for each category will be unveiled during a banquet on the same evening.

Underground Green Farming (UGF) is a prime example of new ways to use urban underground space. Food is vital to the survival of our cities, but land is scarce, which is why growing underground will be vital in the future. Together with industry partners, SCAUT has developed and commissioned the first UGF prototype for sustainable food production by using aquaponics (fish and food production in one same system).

Our project centers on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and a Circular Economy. By integrating various urban needs and uses of underground space, we reduce the impact on the urban environment. We aim to develop a concept to achieve food security for mega cities and urban regions utilizing the underground space.

The list of finalists by category can be found on the awards website: https://awards.ita-aites.org/all-finalists

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